How To Sign Up For New Gmail Account

With the advancement in the field of technology, internet, and connectivity, a significant boost is seen in the social being of the population. Gmail has played a noteworthy element in the same.

Today, it is a platform for both formal and informal conversations and media sharing. This article would provide you complete information about Gmail application and account.

 Gmail : Create New Account

  • Gmail has become a must have application for mailing. You can send and receive messages and emails to nonGmail accounts as well.
  • The interface of the whole application is user-friendly, which make it easier to understand.
  • Gmail came up with 1GB data storage facility initially in the market, but now this memory has been increased to 15 GB in the updated version to store emails and media files.
  • Gmail is a highly secured organization which keeps all the personal data private and confined to the user himself.
  • This mailing application has reached more than 1 billion installations on android devices.

So, let’s get started with the steps to create your Gmail account

  • To create a Gmail account you need to visit the site, or you can just go to the webpage of Google that is and click on Gmail tab on the top right corner of the page.
  • After you have opened the page, there would be two options available either to sigh in or to sign up.
  • Since you do not have a Gmail account you must click on the ‘Create an account’ tab that is the Signup tab.
  • The page would then lead you the Sign up page where you would be required to fill your personal details such as name, user id that is the desired name for your email id, password, country name etc.
  • For a Gmail account, you need to accept all the Google’s Terms and Conditions of Privacy and Assistance Policies, all you need to do is click on the check box to agree to.
  • With this, your Signup process would be complete.
  • You need to verify the account either you would receive a verification code on the registered mobile number or you would receive a mail on any recovery mail id which you had registered in the Signup process.
  • When all the verification process is completed, you would receive instructions on the page to add a profile picture and other security instructions.
  • Finally, when you are done with everything you can now add themes to make you Gmail account more attractive.
  • After you are done with it, you can just directly login just by entering the username ID and the password.

You can enjoy various features that Gmail offers, some of them are –

Multiple Accounts

A single person might be holding many Gmail accounts each for a different purpose be it formal or informal. Gmail user can add multiple accounts in one browsing window by using the facility of ‘Add account’ tab. So, for the next time, you would just need to click on the profile picture of the required mail id to directly log in.

Storage Space for free

Sometimes it is not possible for us to carry a storage medium along, Gmail provides you with the online storage facility of 15GB for free. You can enjoy 30TB of space in its paid version.

You can get back the deleted emails

The deleted mail in the Gmail move to the thrash and can be brought back by a simple procedure.

Strict security

The user can have to log in from various devices, each time you log in from an unknown device, Gmail sends a notification to verify the user, and this system augments the security of the account.

Google Drive

When you need to send larger files you can make use of the Google Drive facility, with this you can send the files to multiple people.

Gmail has created a landmark in the field of secured mailing facility. Also, it has expanded its boundaries globally; the easy user interface has made it easier to understand. You can also send uncompressed and original files with this platform. The Gmail mobile application is also a big success; almost all the Android mobile handsets have a preinstalled Gmail application in it.

Gmail provides you best interface and a great storage space along with a number of brilliant features. So the next time you need to send a mail, Gmail must be a preference.

Hope this article helped you to get familiar with this splendid Application. Signin | Login & Sign Up | Create Gmail Account Nowadays many new applications came into existence, but we did not forget the basic form of Communication. Google being the biggest company gave a way to communicate with the people all over the world. Almost all the important conversations are made in present day using Even though there were many exciting ways of communications like Yahoo, Facebook, twitter, tumbler, WhatsApp, etc. It has importance always. If someone asks which the best email service, I will say it is absolutely Signin | Login & Sign Up Signin | Login & Sign Up All you need to know about Gmail

All over the world, there were billions of people using this service. Few people might not be aware of the services. I am providing the detailed information regarding how to create a new mail account, how to sign in or login Gmail account? How to use Gmail account to send mails? What are the Components of the account? And many more important points that would be useful while using this feature. Before knowing more about this, lets us know few things about the origin of the best Email called Gmail.

What is Gmail? / Signin:

Gmail is the best communication service which came into existence in the year 2004, and many people have come to know about it in 2007. Then the Google developers worked hard and brought many changes. Finally, the upgrade of Gmail services and its function happened in the year 2009. All the updates regarding the services are always up to date. It is the only best Email that has provided 1 GB storage at the beginning. Now you have come to know the information and here comes with the features of Gmail service.

Features of

It has become much popular due to its amazing features. Anyone who has signed with Gmail will surely love its features. Let me make you know all the features of Gmail service in detail.

Composing Email Account in

The most important thing is to compose or write an email, and it is the frequently used feature. To send any message either to the friend or any we use the write option. The emails you send will be filtered and stored in the sent mail.

Receiving Email:

When you compose the message and send it through the service, the receiver will receive the mail in his inbox. You will see three categories in the inbox, i.e., Primary, social and promotions. When you receive any mail, then the mail will be sent to respective categories. Mails that are important will receive in primary category, emails from the online connections like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. will be received in the social category, and finally, some advertisements from organization or people will accept in Promotions category. Not only these three categories, but you can assign on your own also. Unwanted messages can add to the spam list.


We always love to text to someone than to talk continuously on the phone. In that way, Gmail is the best provider to text with anyone. All the messages can be maintained privately without any fear of losing conversations. The best thing is no one can look at your conversations until and unless they know your password.


Hangouts are the updated way of texting through Gmail which will enable you to text anyone online. Using this fantastic app called Hangouts, you can even do a video call to someone who is on Hangouts. You can clear your conversations on the spot and enjoy group video calling too.

Video Calling:

Video calling is the best thing that is available in the updated version of Gmail. Earlier there were no Skype, FaceTime, Viber calling, etc. It is the best-used email service to contact easily and even for video calling.

If the emails coming to your account are in higher number every day, you may be able to find the required mail. In that cases, you can find the necessary mail using the keyword that you remember regarding the mail you need. Just type the keyword in the search bar to find the mail.

Mute Conversations:

You might have subscribed to emails from different websites, and you will always be receiving mails from them. To list out those click on mute conversation bar so that you will get unsubscribed from those account. And the next time when you receive new they will me automatically categorized.

Delete mail:

You can not only create mail but also delete the unnecessary emails by using the delete option provided in Gmail. Mails which are not needed can be sent to trash list or can remove easily.

How to create/ setup a New Gmail Account @

After going the features, you might have come to what is used. Let me also give the detailed procedure in creating or setting up a New Mail Account. Follow the steps stated below.

Create New Gmail account

Create New Gmail account @ Signin

  • Enter your First name and last name in the box provided.
  • Choose the username for your account, if the name chosen is correct then Google will accept. If someone has the same username, you will be asked to choose from the options provided over there.
  • Enter the password which you could remember.
  • Re-enter the password which you have specified for the first time.
  • Enter you Date of Birth and Gender(either male or female).
  • Enter the Mobile number which is available to you.
  • If you are your friend has an email previously, enter the Gmail id in the space provided.
  • Enter your location and click on next.
  • Then you will be directed to the terms and conditions, click on I agree on option.
  • Click on continue to get started with your account.

Verify Gmail Account

Your Gmail account will verify if you have provided mobile number instead of current email address. Then a text message with a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the Verification pin, and then you can start using your account.

How to Login Gmail/ login?

Once if you have created it is very easy to log in to your email account by following the steps stated below.

  • Click here to login Gmail account.
  • Enter the mail id which you have created.
  • Click on next button after entering the mail id.
  • Enter the password which you have assigned to your mail id.
  • Click on sign in, and you will redirect to your account.

How to send mail using

  • Enter your login details and open your Gmail account.
  • Click on compose to start sending mail. Signin | Login & Sign Up

How to send mail @ Signin | Login

  • A tab showing new message will show on the screen.
  • To option, enter the mail id of the person to whom you want to send.
  • Add subject to your mail, so that the receiver can quickly know what the mail is inside.
  • Enter the message which you want to send to the receiver.
  • You will see the attach and image icon at the bottom. Attach any file by clicking on those icons. You can even add smileys to your message from the buttons shown below.
  • Now send on click option, and your mail will be sent to the particular email.

How to recover email password in ?

Did you forget your Gmail password, don’t worry here is a solution for your problem. Being a human, we always can’t remember many things. In that cases, the forgotten password can be easily reset or changed by following the steps stated below.

  • Click here to change or reset or recover Gmail password.
  • Enter your mail id and click on next.
  • If you know the last password that you have entered, just enter it in the space provided.
  • If you have provided the mobile number, then a recovery pin will be sent by clicking on next button.
  • If you have provided any mail id, then recovery mail be sent by clicking on the next button.
  • Then open the mail and enter the new password.
  • Click on next so that your account will be signed in with the new password.
  • Now you can use your account as earlier.

Points to remember while using Gmail Account:

  • There will be many unknown people around you who may use the system you have used in internet center. Don’t forget to sign out your account after using it.
  • While logging in your Gmail account, make sure that any other person does not see your details.
  • Don’t log in to your mail account using shared networks.
  • Never respond to the unnecessary mails that you receive on your Google account.
  • Don’t sign in for redundant links using your mail account.
  • Turn on your account privacy settings to keep your email account profile safe and secure.