Do You Want to Have A Lesbian Sex with Trans Woman? A Few Tips

Do You Want to Have A Lesbian Sex with Trans Woman? A Few Tips

Few lesbian, bisexual women also have penis. You may find trans women of all different kinds and few of them may have not undergone any surgery or they even do not want to.

The conversation regarding trans lesbian sex will often focus on anal, or by using non-trans partner’s genitals. Trans lesbians and also their partners may have sex in number of fun ways which may involve their penis or testicles, but not necessarily trigger dysphoria.

One can have lots of fun during sex with someone having both penis and vagina which is the norm that are presented in the society.

So, in this write up, we will help you have a shemale in the City of Love as the best girl-on-girl sex that you can have with trans woman.

Decide first what you want

If you are interested to indulge in lesbian sex, then decide along with your partner exactly what you prefer to do. You must develop proper language so that during the act, you can communicate properly.

You may either read or watch any trans porn in order to get an idea about what you really want to do. Try to explore various parts of genitals and masturbate in different manner.

Communicate about your desire

Like any other type of sex, here too communicating during the act is important. You must start talking about the genitals and how you want to make use of them.

Also, practice safe sex. If the transwoman has not undergone surgery, then she is capable of making you pregnant.

You must also talk about the things that you like to do as few techniques can work much better with them and few may not.

Consider different types of touch

Sensitivity of their penis is same as the sensitivity of clits. One can obtain pleasure in many ways like up-down motion, by touching with hands or with mouth or certain penetration.

However, you can try many other methods to increase your pleasure. Often it is assumed that penis will get hard for penetration, however penis of transwoman generally is not so hard but even their soft penis is quite sexy.

Use your hands

For those interested in sex with hand need to use suitable lubricate. You can either use silicon-based lube or even coconut oil.

You can also hold the whole penis of transwoman and try to massage it or use your thumb for providing massage at the tip. The tip of the penis is usually most sensitive area, and hence you must try to use your figure and thumb to massage it.

During squeezing and pulling her testicles it is necessary to communicate.

Use your mouth

Oral sex with transwomen can be little different from a male. However, few similar techniques may also work well if you are sleeping with any one of them.

Since the tip of the penis is very sensitive, you must spend plenty of time in sucking on that area. Also, try to use your tongue under the tip too.

Try to move your tongue in circles or trace the figure eight around the tip.