How to Add/Manage Multiple Google or Gmail Accounts on Android

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts:Today, as the technology has increased more and more we require at least one Google Account. Google account or a Gmail account can be used for many purposes as Gmail has a email service platform where we can get every notification from where we login through Gmail Account. But many of use more than one Gmail account as One for Work and other for Personal use. But many of know get an issue while using multiple accounts on their Android. Here in this article am going to explain you How to Add/ Manage Multiple Google or Gmail Accounts on Android.

Earlier we used to find difficult to switch the accounts in our Android device. But latter on Google found a solution and managed to give a perfect solution to use multiple accounts on the same Android device.Follow this complete article to know how to use multiple accounts on single Android device.

How to Add / Manage Multiple Google or Gmail Accounts on Android

The the procedure to add multiple Google accounts on your Android device.

  1. Every Android device has an inbuilt Gmail Application. Click on Gmail App icon to open it.
  2. As you open the app you can see the menu bar at the top left side on the home page. Click on the menu bar.
  3. You can see many option available on Gmail as Inbox, Important, Sent, All mail and much more.
  4. Click on the current account you use. I hope you have added your account to Gmail. If you didn’t then follow the same steps to add.
  5. Now click on ‘Add Account’ and then you will be redirected to another page as you can add accounts like Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange and Office 365 and also any other accounts.
  6. As we need to add Google account, click on Google and make sure you have an internet connection to add an account.
  7. Now add a ‘Existing’ or ‘New’ Gmail account to your device. If you want to add an existing account enter your Email id or mobile number you have given while you sign up.
  8. If you want to add a new account click on new account and sign up for the process.
  9. As you enter you email id and password for verification and then will get an message for successful addition of your Gmail Account.
  10. Now go to Gmail Home Page and click on menu bar and you can see two Gmail Accounts in the single Application.

You successfully added both the accounts on the single Android device and single Gmail Application.

How to Switch Between Multiple Accounts

Many of you get thought that we have added multiple accounts but how to switch between the accounts? There’s a simple way to switch the accounts on your device.

Open the Gmail Application and then just click on the menu bar or just swipe from the left edge of the screen to open the account options. Now you can see the accounts you have added to your Android device. You can your Account Profile Picture you have added. Click on the picture and then will switch the account easily or else click on the mail id you see as it will display the accounts attached to this device. Choose the account to use and see the messages.

You will get the notifications and messages from both the accounts in a single Application. To view the messages you need to switch the account and start using it. You can switch the accounts at anytime and anywhere. You can also view all the messages in the single inbox as labeled as ‘All Inbox’ in the menu bar.

Follow the steps to add multiple Gmail accounts to your Android device and then start using all the Gmail services.

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