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Mail.ru VFBK: Mail.ru Vfbk Group OOO or Mail.ru as popularly known, is a Russian based company which started out as an email service, and then mail.ru vfbk gradually grew as an internet company. The Russian based company  started their email service in 1998 before becoming a major internet company. By the year 2013, mail.ru had acquired many Russian websites and according to comScore, a media measurement and analytics company; stated that the websites owned by Mail.ru I.e Vfbk generated the maximum amount of screen time in Russia and had the biggest audience. In june 2007 Alexa data stated that Mail.ru was the most popular website on the internet. As of now vfbk Mail.ru  has about hundred million registered email accounts.

What is Mail.ru? Mail.ru’s (Vfbk) History:

Mail.ru Vfbk was previously known by the name of Port.ru and was a part of DataArt. It gathered its initial funding of one million U.S dollars from the well-known figure James Melcher and expanded rapidly from thereon. By 2000 Mail.ru expanded to attain the number one position in the Russian market. But an economic collapse of the dot.com bubble or internet bubble put a stop to their expansion. As a result mail.ru began to search for merger partners. In 2001, Igor Linshits was persuaded to back the merger with Mail.ru and from that point onwards Igor Linshits майл ру actively participated in the development and the expansion of the company.

The company functioned under the name of Port.ru until October 2001, and then was changed to Mail.ru. In 2010, the name of the company was changed to Mail.ru Group, the present name.

Services Offered by Mail.Ru(vfbk) & my.mail.ru:

The Russian based internet vfbk company provides the service of cloud storage. Their cloud storage is much similar to Drop box. It provides apps for both computers and smartphones. It provides a prompt email service to the users. In 2005 mail.ru was reported to have thirty billion users with twenty five million emails a day. And as of 2014, Mail.ru had about forty three million active email users. An email app is also provided by Mail.ru. The internet company also provides social networking sites; VK, OK.ru and My World, with about sixty million daily users and about twenty eight million users are registerd at My world. Mail.ru also provides two instant messaging services, namely Agent and ICQ with eleven million users registered on it. Mail.ru provides online and social games, MMO games and mobile games as a service to many users. Along with that the Russian internet company provides a prompt service of search and ecommerce to its users such as Search, Headhunter and Price comparison. My.com, is a subsidiary company owned by Mail.ru. My.com provides the users online games and offers internet related services and products. Along with all these products and services, Mail.ru provides a prompt customer care and customer service for issues and troubleshooting.

Maiil.ru initially started out as a mail service provider and quickly grew to be one of the most popular Russian websites. It has many services and people from all over the world are registered.

Mail.Ru & vfbk Alternatives:

Mail.Ru group, or simply Mail.Ru is a public corporation, started in Russia as an e-mail service. Now, it has evolved to be a leading Russian Internet company. Its products include e-mail services, search engine, online gaming, e-commerce and more. It was founded in 1998 and its headquarters are at Moscow. By 2000, it expanded greatly and reached the #1 position in the market.

Mail.Ru & Vfbk Best features:

  • It has the option of adding all your email accounts to it, so you have all your emails at one place.
  • The app has one important feature of filtering notifications, so you can see only notifications you want to and filter the ones you don’t want.
  • You can manage your mails in bulk or one by one. The app supports both ways. So, you can stay organized.
  • It is available for free on all iOS and Android platforms.    
  • All the features it includes are simple and easy to use.

Vfbk Mail.Ru Alternatives:

Mail.ru is basically an email app developed by Mail.ru group. There are many alternatives to this that you can use, which work just as well.

Here is a list of the top 5 apps that work as good alternatives to Mail.Ru.

Gmail- this is one of the most popular e-mail services of today. It has more than 1 billion users and has become the best app for sending emails. It is a webmail available in 72 languages and owned by Google. The Gmail app can be installed on Windows phone, android or iOS .


  • As on 2004, Gmail offered 1GB of free storage, which is much more than any other app offers. After its birthday in 2005, it doubled this number and made the available storage to 2GB.  Asa of today, storage of up to 15GBis free. After that it has paid plans to give you about 30TB of storage.
  • The app has a tabbed inbox, which makes it easier for you to categorize your emails. It includes tabs such as primary, social and promotions. So it helps you stay organized.
  • It filters emails detected as spam automatically and saves you from opening possible virus-infected emails.
  • It gives you the option to link your other email accounts with Gmail and have them all in one app and at one place.
  • Not just this, but the app has got tons and tons of features that will keep emailing simple.


Yahoo Mail- this is an email app by Yahoo. You can add your Gmail account, Hotmail, rediff or any other accounts you may own to use all in one place. this is another best alternative to mail.ru & Vfbk.


  • This is another good email app to easily organize all your accounts,
  • The app offers 1000GB of free storage, so you can store all you want and still have space left for more.
  • The app is simple and easy to use and understand.
  • You can customize your notifications and see only the ones you want to and mute or ignore the rest.
  • Yahoo Mail lets you organize your mail into folders, so you can have separate folders for separate purposes. There is no limit on the number of folders you can add.
  • The quick search bar lets you search through emails using keywords.


MyMail- No matter what account you have, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or anything else, you can get them all at one place using this app.


  • The app is simple and easy to use and keeps all your accounts well organized.
  • The app is free of cost and available on Android.


BlueMail– A free and organized app that brings all your accounts together for a much better mailing experience.it is compatible on iOS, Windows and Android. this is the best alternative to mail.ru Vfbk


  • Smart mobile notifications, themes that you can change and personalize, printing and signature are some of the many features it offers.


Aqua Mail– This is a free email app that is available on all mobile platforms. this is same as vfbk.


  • You can customize the app using its unique features and make it looks good.
  • You can add in as many accounts as you have and stay organized with its simple and convenient features.
  • You can sync your contacts and calendar with its two-way synchronization feature and also backup and restore.


With so many Mail apps available on the app stores for your Email these are the best alternatives to mail.ru, it is hard to choose which is the best. Though Mail.Ru Vfbk is a really good app with tons of features to keep your inbox organized, you might want to try out alternatives. Which is the best app can’t be said right away, but be sure to check the ratings and reviews before you install the app.