How to Block Someone In Gmail – 3 Different Ways

block in gmail:As many of you know Gmail has become the priority to communicate online other than voice and video calls. Due to the evolution of technology, the Gmail has made a big hit the market and evolved a lot. We use as a communication platform to send messages, important files, documents, pictures and much more. But sometimes we get some fake messages or other spam emails from unknown persons as they tell us to pay money or any other inconvenience for us. So, here in this article, I will explain to you How To Block Someone In Gmail.

Gmail has many advanced features as it serves millions of users across the world and named as the best online communication platform. To use Gmail you need to Sign Up to have an account. Make sure to have an account to send emails. Follow this article to block your stranger who sends some fake emails.

How to Block Someone in Gmail – 3 Different Ways

There are three different ways to block someone as you need to follow these steps to prevent the unknown person.

  1. Block Sender Using Gmail Extension
  2. You can use Filters to Block Someone
  3. Block the email from Open Message

Block Sender Using Gmail Extension

Gmail provides an extension to use it when where you need as it has many features to use. You can get it from your Google Chrome extension store.

  • First, Open the web browser (Google Chrome) then go to More Tools, and you can find Extensions as a label. Click on it.
  • You will redirect to extension store where you can get a set of available for Google Chrome. You can add any extension to your Search Engine.
  • Now search for ‘Block Sender for Gmail’ extension in the search bar. You will get the list of extensions choose the best and add it to Google Chrome.
  • Now open the Gmail Account and open the email you want to block.
  • You can see a new block option in the email as you need to click the button to prevent it.
  • As you do it, you will get the confirmation message as you have blocked the message.
  • Even if the sender sends the emails to your account, then that will be redirected to trash automatically.

You can use Filters to Block Someone

This is the second Blocking Someone in Gmail.

  • Open the Gmail Account in your Browser and type the Gmail address which you want to block and click on search.
  • Now you can see all the messages from the sender at one place.
  • Observe that you can see “MORE” label below the search box. Click on More to “Create Filter” for this email.
  • Click on “Create Filter” and you can find a list of options like Skip the Inbox, Mark as read, Star it, Delete it and much more. You can use any of the required options but we need to block the mail.
  • Check the “Delete it” box and click on Create Filter which at the bottom of the page.
  • As you create the filter, the emails will be sent to trash automatically.

Block The Mail Form Open Message 

  • Open the message and click on the button which is on the top left side of the Gmail.
  • You can see many options but as we need to block the message from the sender. Click on ‘Block Sender Gmail.’
  • You will get a confirmation window to block the messages from the sender, and it will be marked as Spam.
  • You can also cancel the process if you are blocking the wrong person’s emails.
  • Click on ‘Block, ‘ and these messages will be sent to trash.

Make sure you use your Gmail account securely and do not send your email id to known person. Even if you get spam emails follows these methods to block it.