How to Send a Mail in Gmail

How to send mail in gmail:Due to this evolution of technology, communication between each other has become easy through online. There are many ways to communicate like Voice calls, Video calls and Sending Messages. You can choose any of the ways to communicate but you can’t use one than one at a time. Sending Messages would be better option as we can see the message at any time and we can send the same message to many people at a single click. Today this article explains you about the platform where you can send the Messages easily from one place to any where across the globe. Also explain you How to Compose Mail in Gmail. Gmail is the most popular and one of the most largest widely used email service in the world. In early days, we used to use many email services like Yahoo Mail, Pocket Mail, AOL Maila and much more email services. Since the evolution of Gmail, the users started preferring for their emails and the other email services has lost the value in the market. Right now the only competitor of Gmail is Yahoo but Gmail is most widely used than any other. Microsoft Outlook also has come to the market which was acquired from Hotmail. To use Gmail you need to have an personal account and then you can start using its services.

How to Send a Mail In Gmail

There are more than billion people who use Gmail as their communication platform. But many do not know to create a mail in  Gmail. So to guide them to create a mail in Gmail I have written this article to help you.

Gmail has a label “COMPOSE” on the top left of the home page which is used to send the a mail. But before sending a mail you need to login to your Gmail Account. If you are new to Gmail then Sign Up right know. Gmail doesn’t charge any amount to use it service’s its free of cost. But you need to provides your details such as mobile number, date of birth and some other information. After you Sign Up, login to your account.

Procedure to send mail in

Click on the Compose label and you can see a window will be displayed at the right bottom of the home page as to send a mail to your friends, family members or to any other sender. This window contains three sections as “To” section which is used to add the mail id to whom you want to send. “Subject” section which is used to add any Subject to your mail. Subject means nothing but the title or the brief description about what you are sending. You can also send a mail without any Subject but it would be difficult to receiver to understand and sometimes it may go into spam messages direclty.

You can send a mail to multiple accounts at a time as you need to add their mail id in the ‘To’ section which is mandatory section to send a mail. Next section is the main part of the mail where exactly you have to write the message. You can write the complete mail in this section. This section has many tools like you can change the text size, color, underline and bold. You can also add the bullet points to you message to look good and font style. You can use keyboard shortcuts to edit the message as well.

The special feature of  Gmail is you can add attach images, files, documents of all the format type but the file shouldn’t exceed the limit of 20MB as you can’t send then via mail. Instead you can send the files from Google Drive. After all you requirements are done then click on the send button which is at the bottom left of window.

These are the steps to compose a mail and it is very simple to compose and send a mail to your friends and family. Hope this would be the best guide for the begginers.