A high tech garage and the top items to own

The main job of a garage is to house your car, but today’s garages are also commonly used as a workplace and storage room. All this means that they can get messy and unsightly, resulting in a place that is cluttered and even dangerous. How many of us have been knocked on the head by items stored crudely overhead or slipped on spilt oil? Now is the time to clear up that clutter and turn your garage into a smart space with some of the latest must-have garage gizmos.

Power at the touch of a button

How many times have you driven away thinking that you might well have left the garage door open? With the MyQ Garage from Chamberlain, you can open and close your garage door from the comfort of your smartphone. You’ll receive notifications when it is opened or closed, and it’s compatible with most garage door models.

All about the wall

The galvanised steel pegboard from Wall Control, model 30-WGL-200GVB, is an all-around organiser. You’ll find fasteners for all kinds of tools, and small attachable baskets to hold other items such as nails and screws. Moreover, the board is magnetic so it can also double up as a notice board.


If you want more shelving to store your items maybe look at something like Longspan Racking which can accomodate medium to heavy loads like paint pots,drills and possibly even a mini lawn mower depending on your flooring.  Sites like https://www.rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/long-span-shelving say it is reliable, flexible and cost effective

A high tech garage and the top items to own

Motion sensors

These bulbs only come on when you enter the garage, which means no more scratching around for your car keys in the dark. In addition, because they’re LED, you can say goodbye to sky-high electricity bills.

Work on the move

A garage workbench is a must for any self-respecting garage, but the current trend is the mobile workbenches. These workbenches are not only light and mobile, but they are also strong, taking up to 50 kg.

Cool Floors

RaceDeck floor tiles snap together thanks to their high-tech design. You won’t need any tools for this flooring, which comes with a weight-bearing substructure that stops odours and moisture build-up. According to House Beautiful, they come in 14 colours and are very easy to clean.

Parking Guide

It’s time to say goodbye to getting scratches from that pesky wall. Maxsa Park Right Dual Laser Parking Guide uses a laser beam to guide your car into the correct spot. Best of all, the gadget comes without the need for wiring.